Agreement Lexico

1A written or oral agreement, including an agreement on employment, sale or rent, which must be enforceable by law. 2no object Make a formal and legally binding agreement. 4 Generally communicating with negatives (foods, conditions, etc.) healthy or appropriate for (someone) 1`glass, like other substances, contracts as it cools` 2 or do something Say that one will do something that has been suggested by another person. The average English on the old Franco-Italian of the Latin contractus, of the treaty – `pulled together, attracted`, from the verb contrahere, by con-`together` – trahere `draw`. The late average English of the former Franco-Italian agreer, based on the Latin ad- `to` gratus `pleasing`. „Local authorities must put an end to waste management,“ „if you don`t want to be a member of the pension fund, you have to enter into a contract“ 5` the company that was responsible for buying 390 hectares of forest“3 with the Catch or developed object (an infectious disease or agent) 4 „the name „Jacquenard“ was quickly charged with „Jack“ in English.“