Hobart Service Agreement

A contract can be tailored to your specific needs and, in terms of price, based on the level of service – a machine or a lot – one or more sites. In addition, the following points are not included and are subject to additional costs: (a) the calibrations requested by the customer and/or the adjustments necessary to change the temperature or presentation of the product; b) appendices; (c) accessories such as trays, adapters, vat carts, fastener shelves, agitators (racquets, whips, dough hooks, etc.), injection blankets and extension rings; (d) consumer items such as plastic flying links, curtains, blades, cutting knives, millstones, pulleys, grinding plates, french fries baskets, removable joints, door seals; (e) ordinary consumables or wearables, including, but not limited to: Arm pass, rinse nozzles, filters (including water filters), arm caps, coils, support rings, wash arm socket, rubber bumpers, lamps, dishwashing racks; (f) consumables such as paper supplies, filters, printing materials and dishwasher and deoner masses; (g) certain parts of the cold, such as capacitor and evaporator coils, ice machine plates, refrigeration engines or CC 1 hp or more engines, compressors 1 cv or more, aircraft conveyor group, refrigeration gases (< lbs. or heat exchangers, h) water-related problems; (i) functional updates, including firmware, software, label format or graphics; (j) welding services; (k) DPAC wireless network assembly; and (l) problems with the customer network for Devices associated with Hobart. Loan equipment is not included in the price, but can be made available by local agencies for an additional fee depending on availability. The repair, but not the replacement of french fries tanks, boiler tanks and booster, which are subject to the original manufacturer equipment ITW/Hobart/Traulsen, is covered. 6. PLUS 6.1 Planned Maintenance Inspection A Hobart technician performs with the customer the number of routine inspections agreed with the customer. At each inspection, a Hobart technician performs the planned tests. After each inspection, Hobart will send the customer a copy of the Hobart Technician`s inspection report. Customers can receive a copy of Hobart`s tests at any time during business hours. All routine inspections are carried out during business hours. If Hobart is required to conduct routine inspections or service calls outside of business hours, it is permissible to charge them at a higher Hobart royalty rate.

All work and routine parts performed in this context, including parts not specified in the planned tests, are billed with Hobart`s royalty rate. If, during a routine inspection, the Hobart technician is of the legitimate opinion that major repairs are required on the equipment, these are billed separately and a written estimate of Hobart`s cost for these repairs is made available to the customer upon request. Hobart will not begin such repairs until the customer has accepted Hobart`s estimate in writing.