Pool Hire Agreement

The pool is not deep enough for adults or children over 8 years old to be safe. Children under the age of 8 can jump to the side under supervision. Do not dive, as the pool is not deep enough. Phone: 07940 971 019 Email: bookings@rackheathpool.co.uk 8. Chemical Incidents: If buried or outgoing pool chemicals are discovered by cleaning agents or a group of tenants, everyone should immediately leave the pool and/or workshop and call the Pool Manager who: `Close the pool as long as necessary until normal conditions are restored` – Call the pool engineer – Turn off the chemical supply if safe. I am responsible for the safety and behaviour of my group and I will ensure that the rules are respected at all times by all. I understand that if the rules are not followed, the rent is immediately terminated without reimbursement. Each session lasts one hour and involves changing the time. If you arrive late for your session, the session ends on the original date. Please make sure you leave in time and leave the pool, changing room – toilets as clean and clean as they were when you arrived and report any problems. During: 12. Bathing caps should be worn by swimmers with long hair at all times. 13.

No diving or jumping in the pool. 14. No horse game (pushing people into the pool, diving bombs, etc.). 15. No pool or pool racing. 16. There are no hard balls allowed in the pool – inflatable balls are acceptable. 17.

No furniture should be removed from the pool house. 18. No one can use the pool under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 19. No meals, drinks, glasses, bottles or fragile objects are allowed in the pool. 20. Smoking is generally not permitted in the pool, pool or anywhere in the property. 21. All jewellery must be removed before entering the water. 22. All front doors must be kept closed in the pool. 10.

TERMINATION 10.1 – Each party may terminate this contract by giving the other notification in accordance with the aforementioned rights to cancel a meeting. 10.2 – Any notification under this clause must be known and used between them in writing or by email using the contact information of each party or in any other way. 10.3 – If the tenant is late and payments are made through invoices and services, Rackheath Pool has the right to inform the tenant in writing within the next 7 days that this payment must be made („final debt“). 10.4 – If the tenant does not comply with the final claim, Rackheath Pool has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect and informs the tenant in writing that the contract has been terminated. 10.5 – Rackheath Pool reserves the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect (including, if necessary, partly through a session), if the tenant or one of its users does not comply with these conditions or pool rules. 10.6 – In these circumstances, the tenant agrees: (a) if the contract is partially terminated by a meeting, they debit the tax for that meeting in its entirety; and (b) Rackheath Pool has the exclusive power to decide whether the tenant and/or user concerned is still allowed to visit the facilities at any time in the future, regardless of the circumstances, whether as a tenant or user.