Uk Climate Action Following The Paris Agreement

Here are six possibilities, as the world has shown since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, that it is ready for more ambitious action on climate change: we welcome today`s announcement by the British government, which sets ambitious targets and sends a clear signal on the need to move to a low-carbon economy. It is encouraging to see how the UK is using its G7 and Cop26 presidencies to show leadership in the fight against climate change and inspire others to strengthen their ambitions. Today`s announcement marks a marked acceleration of the race to zero and corresponds to our own ambition at ScottishPower to dismantle more greenly and support the response to the climate emergency. It is essential that Britain embarks on a clear path to the fight against climate change, and this confirmation of an ambitious NDC is an important step in this direction. Our supply chain and long-term sustainability depend on the health of the natural environment, and our customers and colleagues expect Tesco to play its part in maintaining the planet, which is why we have preferred our own goal of achieving net zero in our UK operations by 2035. The Climate Ambition Summit provides a platform for heads of state and government who are ready to present new, more ambitious, nationally defined contributions and net-zero long-term strategies, as well as new climate finance commitments and ambitious adjustment plans. Others focus on adapting to a changing climate. In the northern Indian city of Gorakhpur, city officials are encouraging a series of tactics – from reducing monoculture to protecting water – to reduce flooding and increase resilience as the monsoon becomes stronger and unpredictable. To help all cities reduce emissions and feel the effects of climate change, WRI and C40 have developed a roadmap for equitable climate action in cities that will involve and use all residents, without unintended pressure on poor and otherwise vulnerable communities. The announcement will take place ahead of the British co-chair of the climate ambition summit on Saturday 12 December, which will coincide with the fifth anniversary of the historic Paris Agreement. The summit calls on countries around the world to present NPCs or other ambitious climate plans as we head towards the UN climate talks at COP26, which the UK government will hold next year in Glasgow. Over the past five years, it has moved further away from the majority of UN nations that have insisted on rapid reductions in Co2.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been criticized by other politicians for downplaying the role of climate change in the wake of recent devastating wildfires.