Utility Service Line Agreement

Service line agreements are agreements signed by a utility company and landowners to provide limited access to owners (or authorized occupants or users) of a tribal or individual operating area, with utility services for their use by these owners (or occupants or users) on the site. We do not need evaluation for service line agreements. (a) Before the supply provider can begin construction of power lines using the tribe, the supply supplier and the tribe (or the occupiers or users authorized by law and at the request of the tribe) must execute a service-line contract. Service lines are generally diverted from establishments for which priority rights must be acquired. A power line is a power line from a main line, transmission line or distribution line, used only for the supply of a home, business or other structure by telephone, water, electricity, gas, online or any other supply service. In the case of a high-voltage line, a power line is limited to a voltage of 14.5 kv or less, or a voltage of 34.5 kv or less, when using irrigation pumps and commercial and industrial purposes. To access the Indian country for service lines, the priority recipient must submit an online service contract that meets that party`s requirements with BIA. A service line agreement should cover the services the provider will provide to whom, as well as other appropriate details. The online service agreement should also reduce the damage incurred during construction and restoration (or claim, whether licensed owners or occupants or users) of the premises at the end of the contract.