Wfse Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019

A. The Council consists of one (1) representative of workers from each bargaining unit, a representative of the CESD and up to an equivalent number of higher education representatives. The university and the Union will be responsible for selecting their own representatives. Contracting parties may, if necessary, appoint alternates. Compensation. The Union and any worker in a given bargaining unit hereby undertakes to compensate and compensate the university and its staff for any claim, claim, action or other form of liability that may arise against the university for or against any deduction of the wages of these workers or for any action taken under this article. With as wide a notice as possible, but no less than thirty (30) calendar days, a worker who accepts a position as a trade union delegate is granted leave without pay for a maximum of thirty-six months (36). For the purposes and application of this agreement, the Union official is the President or Vice-President. For example, AFSCME/WFSE Council 28 chair. 17.3. Any employee of the rate unit who may be transferred or removed from the bargaining unit by transfer or transfer to another unit changes his or her preferred leave period if he is in contradiction with a predetermined leave program. The EU and the university encourage the resolution of problems between workers and managers and are committed to resolving disputes as quickly as possible and at the least informal level possible.

Grievants, along with its administrator, if requested by the employee, are encouraged to participate in informal interviews with the individuals concerned before they go through the formal claim process. If a solution is not found informally, this section provides an orderly dispute resolution procedure. The parties recognize, individually and collectively, their ability to monitor the implementation of the agreement through appeal and arbitration. A bereavement is defined as the Union, a worker and/or a group of workers who use a complaint. In accordance with national and federal law, agencies and employees of bargaining units may agree to form voluntary beneficiaries` associations (tax-exempt medical expense accounts) funded by the retiree`s sick leave benefits. Voluntary worker-benefit associations of workers covered by this agreement are executed only under a written contract with the EU. 43.2. The Committee`s objective is to create a forum for communication between the parties to this agreement in order to address issues of general eu/administrative concerns. The Committee also acts as a mechanism for resolving mutual problems and concerns; and/or any university policy regarding the bargaining unit requested by both parties to be included on the agenda.