Eng Collective Agreements

(b) such a deadline is not set in the collective agreement within 90 days of the date of their signing or a longer period that the parties may accept, or may be set by the committee at the request of one of the parties. 118 Nothing in this section prevents the parties from amending a provision of a collective agreement, with a provision other than a provision over its duration. The terms and conditions of the collective agreement must apply to all employees in the industry, whether they are unionized or not. The system works as long as the number of members is large enough. (a) within the time frame set by the collective agreement; 117 Subject to the means of Parliament required by the employer or under the authority of Parliament, the parties must implement the provisions of a collective agreement (2) when they are taken, the choice cannot be changed until the single collective agreement is concluded. 116 A collective agreement is considered valid for one year, unless a longer period is set in the collective agreement. 112 A separate agency may, with the agreement of the Governor of the Council, enter into a collective agreement with the negotiator of a bargaining unit composed of workers of the separate agency. 109 (1) Despite other provisions of this party, the employer and one or more negotiators may negotiate collective agreements together to enter into a single collective agreement that binds two or more bargaining units. Finnish legislation does not impose a minimum wage. Minimum wages are set in sectoral collective agreements. In addition, collective agreements are used to reconcile, for example, the reasons for employment policy, wage increases and rules for hours of work, overtime, weekend holidays and evening and weekend work. 3. Parties opting for collective bargaining under subsection 1 must go awry immediately after the election: The obligation to implement the provisions of the collective agreement (2) Collective bargaining under Subsection 1 may involve more than one department or another part of the federal public administration if each of the deputy chiefs concerned decides to participate in collective bargaining.

(a) to meet and start on their behalf or to bring in authorized representatives to meet and begin collective bargaining in good faith; and 111 The CFO may, to the extent provided by the rules or procedures established pursuant to Section 5 of the Financial Management Act, enter into a collective agreement with the negotiator for a bargaining unit that does not consist of a bargaining unit made up of agents of a separate agency. 114 Subject to and for the purposes of this party and for Division 1 of Part 2.1, a collective agreement is mandatory for the employer, the negotiator and any worker in the bargaining unit on the date and end of the date on which it takes effect. To the extent that the collective agreement deals with matters within the meaning of Section 12 of the Financial Management Act, the collective agreement is also mandatory on that date for any deputy director responsible for any part of the state administration that employs workers in the collective agreement unit.