Midc Lease Agreement

The country for industrial zones is managed by the Maharashtra government under Chapter VI of the MID Act. Purchased in 1961 and sold to the Corporation for a further sale. Similarly, whenever it is available, the government country is also ceded to the group as an industrial zone. The government pays for compensation for private land from its own fund. The group, on the other hand, plans the area and sells the land in suitable land by lease for 95 years. To this end, the group recovers the lease premium at different rates for different industrial areas. The Corporation also builds built housing such as hangars and Flatted units and distributes them to future industrialists with the country. Assistance to midc privacy, transfer receipt, stamp duty for registration and other agreements at the time of sale of the land. Support to Post Stamp Duty Registration Features such as Partnership Flights, Business, Sale, Power of Attorney, Transfers, etc. Note: Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) is taken as an example in the explanation of State/UT Industrial Estate Services. Similar services in other state/UT industrial locations may be offered by MagicDeal in mahaRASHTRA. MIDC has taken a political decision to make full-fledged fire stations available in all major industrial areas, in medium- and high-risk areas of fire, and in specific areas where foreign direct investment is stationed.

This is part of the basic infrastructure available in this area and, in accordance with Section 21 of the Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act 2006, it is mandatory for all local authorities, municipal councils and special planning authorities. One Stop Solution to meet all your requirements for industrialized countries and MIDC Services Consulting and project execution on a turnkey basis Help to appease collector`s Office and Country Valuation documents. Stamp duty calculation accordingly. Help obtain the necessary permits and registrations related to subdivisions or development of industrial or industrial property.