Programmatic Agreement Section 106 Template

Welcome to the Advisory Committee for the Conservation of Historic Monuments (CHPA) guide to Section 106 contract documents. Section 106 documents of the agreement play a key role in documenting a federal authority`s obligation to carry out and carry out its responsibilities in accordance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) (54 U.S.C 306108). This guide is provided to assist federal authorities, states, Indian tribes, Hawaii Indian organizations, applicants, local governments, advisory parties and the public in developing, implementing and concluding such agreements. 36 CFR 800 encourages federal authorities to effectively fulfill their section 106 obligations by developing and implementing programmatic cooperation agreements; The title indicates the company and the signatories of the agreement. It also indicates whether the document is a Memorandum of Understanding or a programming agreement. CONSIDERANT that provision III.C.2). (3) provides for the development and implementation of a letter of agreement in the event of agreement on measures to be taken to address the negative effects between the parties concerned; One of the main objectives of the Section 106 consultation is to ensure that an agency`s decision regarding the implementation, financial support, licensing or authorization of a business is well informed of the impact on historic real estate and the views of others regarding these effects. This guide is a living document that contains updates and new standard agreement documents to solve problems and needs that arise. The CHPA welcomes the proposals to update this manual. E-mail with questions or comments. The parties.

The participation and role of signatories, invited signatories and converging parties should be clearly documented in the preamble section, as the role they will play in implementing, amending and terminating the agreement will be different (see paragraph 36 CFR 800.6 (c)). In addition, the preamble section should refer to communication activities conducted as part of the Section 106 review process. The definitions in 36 CFR 800.16 are applicable and are agreed upon by all parties to this agreement. Bonds. The preambles should therefore be closed with a declaration „now“ in which all signatories approve the measures contained in the document and are concluded with the indication of the purpose of the agreement in order to take into account the impact of the enterprise on historic real estate, in accordance with the legal language of Section 106 nHPA. The Boilerplate language for this clause is provided in the CPA MODEL-MOA. When human remains, tombs or artifacts associated with the tomb are found during archaeological investigations carried out as part of this modified Palestinian Authority or during the construction of the project, all work in the area of the meeting will be stopped and PennDOT will ensure that the remains, tombs or artifacts contained are saved and protected. Penndot immediately notified the FHWA. FHWA and/or PennDOT simultaneously warns the SHPO and all tribes recognized by the Confederation that may give the property concerned religious or cultural significance. For tribes and nations that have signed an individual Memorandum of Understanding with FHWA, the provisions of this agreement are respected.