Ontario Shores Collective Agreement

As a result of all these collective changes, 11 employees (2 full-time and 6 part-time and 3 casual workers) receive a notice of dismissal and 1 vacant position has been abolished. A number of options are presented to staff in these positions, including vacancies, early retirement and voluntary departures. We will follow the process outlined in the collective agreement and exchange information with relevant employees while going through these steps. Youth programs on Ontario`s coasts are occupied by highly skilled, highly experienced teams of professionals, some of whom have been working together for more than 25 years to carefully develop the best treatment for the most marginalized and vulnerable youth. Unfortunately, the recent decisions of the administrators of this newly divested hospital suggest that they are not aware of the history of the programs and the careful evolution that took place prior to their tenure in Ontario Shores. This makes me sad and concerned that the transformation of youth programs may take place in Ontario Shores without a sophisticated understanding of the past, present and future of youth mental health. Letter from Dr. Simon Davidson, Medical Director of the Children`s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) We would also like to caution against U.S. recommendations on human resources, as the training and role of CYCs in Canada is very different from that in the United States. I know these changes will be difficult, especially for those directly affected, and we have a number of supports to help staff through this transition. Affected employees have access to career counselling, employment coaching and resume writing services. Support will also be available through the Employment Assistance Program, Human Resources, Occupational Health and Management Team. Lord.

Foster Loucks – Chair Central East LHIN Harwood Plaza 314 Harwood Avenue South Suite 204A Ajax, ON L1S 2J1 Although we received for 2016-2017 a 2% increase that helped to cope with some of the growing costs of running an organization of this size, it is still not enough to cover all our additional costs, which increase with an inflation rate of about 3%. Child and youth counsellors have three years of intensive training in youth behaviour. In the long-term program, they develop unique plans for each youth in their care. Secondment to care centres makes any prior experience of youth mental health an advantage, not a prerequisite. After reading the whitby – This Week article on the changes being implemented in the youth program at the Ontario Mental Health Centre in Whitby, I would like to express my concerns. We would also like to be assured that these programmes will not be jeopardised by replacing skilled workers with more general practitioners who lack adequate training for this work. There is also evidence that experienced and specially trained child and youth workers may also be replaced by carers with little or no training in the field of youth care. On the other hand, child and youth workers follow a comprehensive three-year programme covering topics such as research and theories related to child abuse, child protection legislation, children`s rights, socio-economic factors, interpersonal communication, therapeutic leisure programming, boundaries and ethics, group dynamics, organizational behaviour, diversity and advanced therapeutic interventions.

Thank you for allowing me to express my concerns. I do this out of great respect for the tremendous work done by the Ontario Shores Youth Program over many years. .